Didn't think you could afford a Personal Chef? Think again!

It is our passion to work with individuals and families struggling to eat right. Our clients are either too busy to shop and plan well-rounded meals three times a day or are sick and/or allergic and need a complete diet shake-up.

We help households successfully change their diets to meet their health goals, including:

  • weight loss
  • cutting gluten, dairy, sugar, etc.
  • going Paleo
  • trying Vegetarianism
  • sodium-free, fat-free, etc.

We also help those who are tired of the same old meals:

  • eat meals inspired by global cuisines
  • become exposed to ingredients you've never tried 
  • ask for a one-on-one cooking tutorial
  • enjoy more colorful, flavorful dishes


Personal Chef Packages start at just $180/week + groceries


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