Enjoy Wine Country with a Chef-Prepared Picnic Lunch.. Delivered!

Contact us to order one of our gourmet, well-rounded, packed lunches to make your Sonoma or Napa wine country experience that much more special. I pack a seasonal, local, fresh meal into my easy, compostable containers and deliver them to you just prior to your scheduled lunch time at the winery, tasting room, home, hotel, or park of your choice. 

I deliver to all of Napa County and Sonoma County. Here is the pricing for a couple different options:

Light Lunch, $20/person for groups of 6-10; $35 for groups of 2-5

This consists of a small seasonal salad, half of a gourmet sandwich, and a homemade bite of dessert. Salads are typically created with whatever is at the farmer's market or local farm and with appropriate nuts, cheeses, and dressing. The sandwich can be vegan, vegetarian, or traditional turkey/roast beef/salami with homemade aiolis and sauces, local vegetables, and local cheeses.

Oftentimes groups are served food pairings with their wine tastings so aren't super hungry for lunch. 

Hungry Lunch, $30/person for groups of 6-10; $45 for groups of 2-5

This is a full salad and a full sandwich, each served in their own container, and a bite of homemade dessert.

The portion on this lunch isn't overwhelming- it's what you'd probably pick up for yourself if you're hungry for a good lunch. 

Gourmet Lunch, $40/person for groups of 6-10; $55 for groups 2-5

I pack a nicer restaurant-quality picnic lunch with things like sliced beef tenderloin with grilled vegetables, salt-crusted potatoes, and chimichurri; crab and mixed herb pesto pasta with peas and local tomatoes; and duck breast and roasted beet Vietnamese bahn mi. This doesn't come with a salad, but doesn't really warrant one.

For any of these options to be set up and served by myself or one of my associates, add $40. This includes bringing everything on nice platters, setting the table, providing compostable plates, flatware, and napkins, and sticking around for clean-up.