To provide our community with the resources to make healthful food choices for themselves and their family all while supporting the local economy and the eco-system.


Community: a community is a powerful thing to be a part of. We need to rely on each other for the safety and success of our well-being. This is why we support local businesses whenever possible.

Health: we define healthy eating simply: wholesome, well-rounded meals full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, with small portions of animal protein and healthy fats. 

Access for All: personal chefs and chef-prepared meals aren’t just for the wealthy. If you need help eating well, we want to help. We work extra hard to price our services below market average.

Dedication: it isn’t easy influencing a large and diverse group of people to make better food choices for themselves and their families. We dedicate ourselves to working on it a little bit each day.

Education: we value the time we put into educating our community on nutrition, culinary arts, feeding the family on a budget, sustainable eating, local resources, and more. 


It all started when...

Lauren's family moved to rural Fort Bragg, CA when she was just 12 years old. Their new house sat on 2 acres of redwood trees, wild blackberries, and native grasses which became partially transformed into an organic commercial garden. 

Lauren and her family tended to the dozens of varieties of fruits and vegetables, but her favorite were the blackberries. She remembers making blackberry jam, blackberry pie, blackberry cobbler, even blackberry wine during the summer months- covered in purple juice most days. She earned extra money by selling pounds and pounds of blackberries to the local cafe, where she worked her first job at 15. 

Restaurant after restaurant, she learned more of her love for cooking. After high school, she left for Portland, OR for Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy. Upon completion, she went searching for work in the famed Napa Valley. She quickly worked her way up the kitchen ranks, learning techniques from around the world. Calistoga Ranch, Mirepoix, Morimoto, Tra Vigne, and Stark's mark her early years, with management positions at Cook, La Condesa, and Winery Chefs following.

She was hired at Beltane Ranch in 2014 to cook breakfast a couple times a week; a position that Lauren grew to include an extensive culinary program, including a catering division. She started Goodness Gracious! while working full-time as their Executive Chef in hopes that she could venture off to fulfill her dreams of building her own successful business. 

Today, Goodness Gracious! has evolved in a couple different ways, but what remains constant is her passion for helping others with the transformative power of food. She now provides Personal Chef services, detox cleanse programs, and catering at a fraction of the cost, so that community members can feel more confident about what they're putting in their body while having fun with inspired, delicious food!


"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." -Hippocrates